I am one of those people that believes Liverpool will benefit domestically from not playing European football. Every club that gets into Europe, without exception, every year picks up fewer points on average from league fixtures immediately following a European tie than from their other fixtures. All of Liverpool's rivals next season have European football. I cannot see Liverpool not finishing above Spurs, and unless Arsenal start playing the transfer market exceptionally well, I believe they will be a weaker force next season than they were in 2010-11 and could well be overtaken. For me, the Manchesters will be difficult to overtake. Both have very strong squads with depth and I believe both will improve on last years' performances, when they both also had European football to contend with. Chelsea are the enigma for me. Their squad is riddled with injuries, flops and age. We could yet see Abramovich splash the cash on the likes of Neymar, Pastore and Modric, so it's tough to gauge the strength of their squad next season. And the impact of their manager- he could be magnificent for them, but he could also faulter as so many others have before him. All-in-all, I believe 4th for Liverpool would be excellent and very realistic, 3rd could possibly be doable, but it would perhaps be nothing short of dreamwork to predict a top 2 finish.

Now my question to you all is: how do you think Liverpool will perform in the coming season? Do you think they will make an impact in the cup competitions? How about individual performances? Could we even have the golden boot winner within our ranks? I look forward to hearing your insights!

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