Welcome to the Liverpool F.C. wiki. Thank you for stopping by to read or to edit. My name is Shane Harris. I am a HUGE Liverpool fan living in the United States. I will most likely use blog posts to communicate to contributes in mass, at least for right now.

I would like to go over a few quick and easy guidelines for those of you who would like to edit here (which is much appreciated).

First of all NO COPY PASTE FROM WIKIPEDIA!!!! I run in to a lot of this on wikia and it is kind of annoying. Yeah it is easy but you get nothing out of it. It causes more harm than good to wiki's because of redlinks and non-existent templates. If you need to use wikipedia for stats and other info that is great just write it in your own way and DO NOT COPY PASTE.

Second item on the itinerary; Overviews, or the first paragraphs that appear on an article page. Pages subject names should always be written in the overview section of the article. They should always be Bold and should give the most general description of the subject matter. Articles that can be inte irlinked should be for more context on the subject. Just make sure not to use a link twice for the same subject. For example the first time Luis Suarez is mentioned in an article one should make a link to the page. The second time it is unnecessary. This is just a simple way to make the wiki look more uniform and professional. Remember this is an encyclopedia and should be written as such. Play overviews, which I assume will make up the majority of pages should be written a specific way as well. For example the overview should start with the player FULL name. In parenthesis his birth date and city of birth. Next the players position and who they currently play for. Here is a more hands on example.

John Doe (born 1 January 2011 in Bath, England) is an English international(if he or she has played for the senior national team. If not don't write it.) footballer (football player works too but footballer is just quicker) who currently plays as midfielder for Liverpool F.C.

That is really everything I wanted to say. I will write more of these to communicate massively. If it is just one person I will obviously just write on your Talk page. Feel free to ask me any questions at all weather it be about the wiki or about Liverpool in general. I am pretty knowledgeable about Liverpool F.C.. I have been a fan for many years and read about them constantly. You can even contact me just to chat. Maybe tell me your favorite player or goal. I will get back to you very quickly. Cheers and happy editing.

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