Liverpool will now discuss personal terms and he will have to undergo a medical. Looks like we will be making a Downing page soon lads! As you can guess, as long as we paid reasonably for him, I am excited about this transfer. Now all we need is a left back and we can again challenge for the top four. After some more reading it looks like Liverpool will pay 20 million for him. This is all still tabloid speculation as we could have paid more or less, but that figure is the one that has been tossed about the last month. What do you all think. He was Villa's player of the season last year. The Scum cannot say that about Young.

Rumour also has it that Javanoic has been eying a move back to Belgium to Anderlecht. This could possibly be better news than the Downing capture in some supporter's eyes. With Koncheskey's horrid Liverpool spell finally at an end with his departure to Leicester City. This would only leave our friendly scoring Poulsen to offload. Now you may be asking yourself "Rhonda you are forgetting about the 90,000 a week flop Cole.". I think I may be having a bit of a change of heart about Joe Cole. I think he will come good next season under Kenny and help bolster our options on the bench. A bit of an expensive bench option but considering what out bench looked like last season it would be worth it. Tell me what you all think about this. I can say for a fact before the Adam signing I thought the summer was looking a bit grim like the last couple of summer transfer periods. Now I am much more optimistic. These are great signings for a rebuilding side like Liverpool's. We may not have gotten "Exciting Marquee signings" like Mata or the unrealistic Aguero rumours. I can certainly say they are great signings. All of them proven in the premier league.

If I could request two more signings I would ask first and foremost for a left-back. Next, not as important but still necessary is a young centre-back to purchase as a long term replacement for Carra. We will see what happens in the month and a half left in the transfer period.

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