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Hey my name is Shane Harris. I live in the United States and can say without a doubt that I am a HUGE Liverpool F.C. fan. That is why I aim to make this wiki the best it can possibly be. I aim to modernize the information on it and create a page for every player who currently plays for Liverpool and who has played for Liverpool in the past. If you have any questions about wiki format or Liverpool F.C. don't hesitate to ask.

Bare with me. I have been in the very complicated process of moving. I have had no Internet access lately therefore could not edit. Give me a little while to get everything in line and I will be back on.

My favourite pages

To Do's

Here are my to-dos. Feel free to help me with them if you so wish.

  • Add pages for player Redlinks.
  • Add manager pages
  • Add content to existing pages: There are plenty of pages on the wiki but most are stubs and need content. Go the the Stubs page and pick a page and help expand it!
  • R's

Other wikis

I am active on a number of other wiki's. The most notable ones include:

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Sunderland06 for all the help he has been on this wiki!

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