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Mitchel2309 Mitchel2309 17 November 2017


I AM A HHHUUUGGGEEE Liverpool fan!

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King Henney VII King Henney VII 1 January 2017

2016 in Stats

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Avatar Raava Avatar Raava 9 October 2016

Happy Aniversarry, Jurgen!

Feels just like yesterday when I was screaming my soul at during the Dortmund game. Happy anniversary Jurgen. Here's to one of the greatest managers since Shankly, Paisley, Dalgish and Benitez. I've made a little song to the tune of "Hall Of Fame", hope you like it.

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KinaseD KinaseD 18 October 2015

Rodgers' demolition job

Brendan Rodgers' sacking was met mostly with relief by the Liverpool support. Predictably, and rather depressingly, this was not reflected by a good many of the good old British press, pundits, ex-players and others involved in the sport. Why the disparity?

On paper, the decision can appear a harsh one. Rodgers almost won Liverpool's first league title in a quarter of a century, then lost his two star strikers, proceeded to finish sixth, lost the legendary captain plus another prodigious talent, and was afforded just eight games of the 2015-16 season to try and turn things around. This, possibly along with an excessive permissiveness of failure as long as the coach is British, is probably why a lot of pundits and other commentators criticis…

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Avatar Raava Avatar Raava 8 August 2015

And we're back!

After 77 days Liverpool have returned to playing matches in the BPL! We start with Stoke tomorrow, hopefully forgetting the horrendous 6-1 thrashing back in May. I'll keep you updated on the match, goodbye!

Final Score! Stoke City 0-1 Liverpool! And it's Coutinho on the 86th miniute!

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Avatar Raava Avatar Raava 1 February 2015

Welcome Back Sturridge!

After 5 months away on injury, Daniel Sturridge comes on as a substitute to net a second goal for Liverpool on Saturday's 2-0 victory against West Ham United at Anfield. Amazing!

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KinaseD KinaseD 3 January 2015

Why Gerrard's made the right decision

Steven Gerrard has announced his lifelong association with Liverpool Football Club will come to an end in the summer of 2015. I am not going to tell you what Steven Gerrard has been or what he has achieved in his career- there will be plenty of others who will do a far better job of that than I ever could over the coming days, weeks, months and years. But before I am accused of a lack of support or otherwise, I will say this much: Steven Gerrard is the single greatest sporting icon I will ever have.

It is partly because of this that I am pleased he will leave Anfield in the summer. Steven Gerrard's prime years extended from about 2000-2009. He was a colossus as Liverpool finished second in the 2008-09 season, helping the Reds destroy Manche…

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KinaseD KinaseD 17 May 2014

Post-season thoughts

Wasn't expecting that. Wasn't expecting that at all. We collected 36 points from the latter 19 games of the 2012-13 season- top 4 form by most seasons' standards- and had recorded some very impressive victories along the way. I was optimistic about the season ahead, but even so, did not expect that. The vast spending of Tottenham scared me (and don't lie, it scared you too). I struggled to see Man Utd falling from 1st to as low as 5th, let alone 7th- David Moyes or no David Moyes. Chelsea and Man City were the immovable superpowers, and Arsene '4th place' Wenger had just acquired a £42m worldie. I was optimistic, but wouldn't this season prove to be just too difficult to finally reach the promised land- the platform of Europe's elite? 5th …

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Aleeha.Alavi Aleeha.Alavi 13 April 2014

We Won !

Liverpool We Won !~

All The Man City Fans are going home with the stupid Tears ! Man City ! You lose ! We knew It ! 




Alone !

The Match was displayed at Pakistan on 7:34 PM .  

Woohhooooo !

We won !

We Won ! We won We Won ! Man city Don't Cry ! The Cheaters Always lose ! You have done too much cheatings Losersa !

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Aleeha.Alavi Aleeha.Alavi 13 April 2014

Liverpool : You will never Walk Alone !

  • ===Liverpool You have 3 neils You can win this Match !===
  • Manchester City is nothing For us Liverpool !
  • We are The Liverpools ! 
  • Liverpool You'll never Walk Alone !
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KinaseD KinaseD 20 July 2013

On Reina and FSG

Pepe Reina is set for a year out on loan to Italian side Napoli. Coached by Rafa Benitez and with Xavi Valero in tow- the coach who got the best out of Reina during his Liverpool heyday- one can see the appeal of the move to Reina.

But what is the appeal to Liverpool? This is proving a contentious issue amongst fans. Not so much that Reina is leaving the club- but that he's leaving on loan. Loan deals are typically used to provide game time for young-up-and-comers to get some real, senior football under their belts (clearly not applicable to Reina). Alternatively, loans are used to shift players who just aren't cutting it- putting them in the shop window in the hope that someone will eventually choose to take the player permanently. This is…

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KinaseD KinaseD 24 March 2013

How can we improve for next season?

So it seems this will be another season to be placed in the 'transitional' category. It's been four years since we were last in the top 4; now is surely the time for us to make the jump from 'team in transition' to 'force' again?

Opinion on Brendan Rodgers appears split, although favour was encouraged with the positive end of season form. I am firmly in the pro-Rodgers camp; I like the way we're playing, the way he's solved our goalscoring problems, the way he's gotten the best out of failing players like Downing and Henderson, I like his tactical nous and I like his signings- yes, even Joe Allen! That said, he has had a far from perfect season, and our progress under him has been less than hoped- no Liverpool fan can be satisfied with seve…

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KinaseD KinaseD 1 September 2012

What are your thoughts on the summer Transfer Window?

As the summer transfer window 2012 slams shut, what are your thoughts on the business Liverpool have conducted? I have left my assessment below, however we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section at the foot of the page.

Deadline day was met with a great deal of angst and disappointment from the Liverpool faithful, and it's easy to see why. A two-month long pursuit of Fulham's Clint Dempsey came to nothing as the club failed to add a new striker to their ranks after sending the club's number 9 Andy Carroll out on loan. It left Liverpool looking thin up front, with a lack of goals already firmly established as the Reds' Achilles heel.

Liverpool offloaded four senior forwards during the transfer window and brought in two. So w…

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King Henney VII King Henney VII 9 August 2012


What are your thoughts on the signing of Joe Allen?

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KinaseD KinaseD 24 April 2012

Ideas for the transfer window?

OK, League-wise, the season has not gone to plan. Stating the obvious. In my opinion, our season has proven the fine line that exists between success and failure (turns out it's the goal line). 9 times out of 10 we have demolished teams, tore them apart and peppered their goal. But for all that, we've barely averaged more than a goal a game. I'm not stating anything you are not already aware of I'm sure, but a goalscorer is surely all we really need (plus some width on the right). A goalscorer, in my opinion, would have seen us still in the hunt for 4th, even at this late stage of the season- but as it is, we're languishing in midtable. For this reason, I'm not convinced replacing Dalglish is the way to go. Let him bring in a striker and s…

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King Henney VII King Henney VII 17 December 2011

Chelsea FC Wiki

Would anyone be interested in helping me rebuild the Chelsea FC Wiki, as it has lost its editors and the admins on the wikia have not been consistent and that forced me to adopt the wiki. Please help me restore the wiki. IGeek 13:50, December 17, 2011 (UTC)

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KinaseD KinaseD 30 October 2011

Liverpool's Top 10 Current Players?

In less than a year, Liverpool's squad has been turned completely upside down. If you were to hand me the current squad list back on January 1st, I'd have stared blankly at it for a while and then told you you were barking. With such a plethora of new faces around Anfield, every game seems to turn into an exercise for the fans to assess and analyse the performances of our new stars. Some are making the fans jump for joy, some are causing a great deal of angst, it's fair to say. So I thought it might be useful to take a moment, a step back, and try and put everything in context, away from the emotions of matchdays and consider who make up what I consider to be, Liverpool's top 10- and why.

I would like to take this opportunity to allay fears…

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KinaseD KinaseD 12 August 2011

Liverpool's strongest starting XI for 2011-12

Of course, the transfer window is yet to shut, and many are expecting Liverpool to sign a new centre back. With Arsenal pushing hard for Dann, the smart money seems to be on Cahill or Mertesacker for the Reds, but time will tell. However, based on the squad as is today, 12 August 2011, here is my pick for strongest starting XI (when all are fully fit) for Liverpool:


Johnson Agger Carragher Enrique

Gerrard Adam Lucas Downing

Suarez Carroll

I would expect such a starting XI to play a very fluidic 4-4-2; I of course would not expect Gerrard to be an out-and-out right winger, and this could easily switch to a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 as needed throughout any one match. But this would be my pick, with Henderson, Ku…

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HelpMeRhonda213 HelpMeRhonda213 14 July 2011


Liverpool will now discuss personal terms and he will have to undergo a medical. Looks like we will be making a Downing page soon lads! As you can guess, as long as we paid reasonably for him, I am excited about this transfer. Now all we need is a left back and we can again challenge for the top four. After some more reading it looks like Liverpool will pay 20 million for him. This is all still tabloid speculation as we could have paid more or less, but that figure is the one that has been tossed about the last month. What do you all think. He was Villa's player of the season last year. The Scum cannot say that about Young.

Rumour also has it that Javanoic has been eying a move back to Belgium to Anderlecht. This could possibly be better ne…

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KinaseD KinaseD 12 July 2011

How will Liverpool do in 2011-12?

I am one of those people that believes Liverpool will benefit domestically from not playing European football. Every club that gets into Europe, without exception, every year picks up fewer points on average from league fixtures immediately following a European tie than from their other fixtures. All of Liverpool's rivals next season have European football. I cannot see Liverpool not finishing above Spurs, and unless Arsenal start playing the transfer market exceptionally well, I believe they will be a weaker force next season than they were in 2010-11 and could well be overtaken. For me, the Manchesters will be difficult to overtake. Both have very strong squads with depth and I believe both will improve on last years' performances, when …

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HelpMeRhonda213 HelpMeRhonda213 7 July 2011

Liverpool Sign Charlie Adam

Charlie Adam today becomes Liverpool's second signing for the 2011-12 season. Looks like Liverpool signed him for a fee thought to be around £7.5 million. Liverpool have been chasing him since January so it is pretty good news if you ask me. Tell me what you all think? Good signing? Meh? or Shit?

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HelpMeRhonda213 HelpMeRhonda213 19 June 2011


With the transfer period in full steam I have been checking my Liverpool related gossip sites several times each day (every one except for The Sun). After we signed the exciting young prospect, Jordan Henderson, from Sunderland we are obvioulsy looking forward to who will be wearing the Liverbird on their shirts next season (and who won't). My question to you all is: Which link are you most excited about? Who is your dream transfer right now? Which link least excites you? Which current Liverpool team member do you most want to see go?

Let me know what you think. It should be a pretty exciting transfer season!!!

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Happy65 Happy65 4 June 2011

Liverpool FC Wiki - My First Blog

Hi Everyone , I am going to be quite active at the Liverpool FC Wiki now that on the soccer wiki ( soccer4ever.wikia ) . I am trying to get over 100 edits at the moment on this wiki . I am also trying to get over 350 acheivement points on this wiki . I will be less active on the club penguin wiki too as the admins and lots of users went of wikia from the club penguin wiki to a style and website the admins created . It could be wikipedia . Thank you to Rhonda for telling me about this wiki . I might be editing now . Happy65|Chat Here

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HelpMeRhonda213 HelpMeRhonda213 3 June 2011

New Woodmark

I added a new woodmark to the website today. I would have went up much soon but wikia seemed to be having some problems with image uploading.

I just wanted to know what you all thought about it?--Rhonda 02:11, June 3, 2011 (UTC)

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HelpMeRhonda213 HelpMeRhonda213 27 May 2011


Welcome to the Liverpool F.C. wiki. Thank you for stopping by to read or to edit. My name is Shane Harris. I am a HUGE Liverpool fan living in the United States. I will most likely use blog posts to communicate to contributes in mass, at least for right now.

I would like to go over a few quick and easy guidelines for those of you who would like to edit here (which is much appreciated).

First of all NO COPY PASTE FROM WIKIPEDIA!!!! I run in to a lot of this on wikia and it is kind of annoying. Yeah it is easy but you get nothing out of it. It causes more harm than good to wiki's because of redlinks and non-existent templates. If you need to use wikipedia for stats and other info that is great just write it in your own way and DO NOT COPY PAST…

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